Alaska Expectations

I’ve already discussed a little bit about why I’m excited to move to Alaska.  I’m 8 days away from leaving South Korea, 16 days away from arriving in Anchorage, and am constantly dreaming of what my new life in Newhalen will bring.
Below, I’ve listed 5 things I hope to experience and gain during the next 10 months of my life living in a native village. At the end of my first year in Alaska, I will review this list and write about whether or not these aspirations came true.
1… I want peace. Life in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea, has been extremely hectic and busy. This city never sleeps. In Newhalen, I hope to live a slower-paced life that grants me a sense of peace. I want to self-reflect and seriously ask what every twenty-something should be asking: “What do I make of this life?”
2… I want to become self-sufficient. I’m a born and raised suburb girl who screams at spiders and who can barely manage a nail and hammer. Next year, I really want to learn how to come out victorious living a more rugged lifestyle. I want to gut fish without frowning, learn how to handle a knife and gun without shaking, and jump at the chance to get a little messy.
3… I want to become a better teacher. I’m not going to lie- I’m already a little burned out of teaching. During my first year of teaching, I was given a high-needs, overpopulated classroom where chairs were thrown and threats were spoken on a regular basis. I basically had no support in this environment and had to learn trial-by-fire style. This year, I was put into a position where students viewed my class as a “freebie” class and barely tried at all. I was given no responsibility or respect at my school and therefore became very discouraged. This year, I hope to regain my passion for teaching. I don’t think it’ll be too hard since I’ll be taking over a classroom of twelve 5 to 8-year-olds. I love the little ones.
4… I want to devote myself to the community. I have always been a social person. I love interacting in large group settings. I have never lived in a small community before and am really looking forward to getting to know the inhabitants of Newhalen on a personal level. I want to make lifelong friends, participate in community projects, and support those I get to know as best I can.
5… I want to foster my creativity. I am a creator at heart. I have always been passionate about drawing, creative writing, crafting, making culinary concoctions, etc. I hope to devote myself to my creative endeavors this year including blogging, creative writing, drawing, and making whatever I get my hands on.
I can’t believe that my journey in Newhalen will start so soon. I can’t wait to start telling and showing you all about my new life in Alaska!

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