All Things Gingerbread

IT’S THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL BEFORE BREAK. IT’S THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL BEFORE BREAK. IT’S THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL BEFORE BREAK. Yes, I did need to write that three times in caps in order to relay my anticipation and excitement! Holy smokes, only three full days left before Tyler and I are on a plane to the Lower 48 for the holidays. This past week has been filled with pre-celebrations including Christmas movies, crafts, and gingerbread. I baked delicious gingerbread cookies using this recipe and my little men turned out absolutely scrumptious! Tyler thought that the cookies were delicious, too. I made 18 gingerbread men, ate 1, and found the other 17 gone within a day.
Last week, we made gingerbread houses in class using the classic graham cracker method. Despite my better judgment, I thrust vanilla frosting, Christmas hard candies, M&Ms, sprinkles, and coconut flakes at my 5-year-old students and told them, “Have at it!” To my surprise, they were extremely careful with their constructions and ended up with masterpieces. They were also quite creative in their designs. One student lined the apex of her house with alternating red and green candies. Another decided to surround her house with coconut flakes representing snow.
Although my kindergarteners walked away with sticky fingers (that they didn’t complain about getting to continually lick clean), they had a blast making their gingerbread houses. It was so fun watching them proudly display their creations to their friends, siblings, and parents in the hallways! Several of my students couldn’t help but start picking at their houses before they left school grounds.
This last week of school is filled with even more holiday festivities. On Wednesday, we’re having an all-school play wherein my students will be singing a song from “The Grinch” and showing a short video edited by Tyler (to come soon!). On Thursday, I’ll be hosting a Polar Express party. Students will get to wear pajamas to school, listen to the story, make some book-related crafts, eat lots of Christmas goodies, and finally, watch the movie. On Friday, we’re having an all-school movie and getting out of school at 12:30pm. Tyler and I will then quickly jet to the airport to catch our flight to Anchorage. Happy, happy holidays to you!

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