Last week was all about receiving boxes, bins, and totes and unpacking them. Three posts ago, I wrote about how to pack for Alaska and said that I’d report the outcome of my containers once they arrived. I’m happy to report that all of my totes came to me in one piece with nothing spilled! My detergent, dish soap, milk, rice, etc. were all in one piece. I was so happy to finally receive all of my food totes! My last two containers came yesterday.

Most of my other flat-rate boxes also made it in one piece. One small box, however, wasn’t so lucky. I shipped an Ajax cylinder that decided to pop its lid and spill all over my dishtowels, oven mitt, shower curtain rings, body wash, and hairspray. There are two good things about this spill. Number one, nothing was trashed beyond use. Number two, everything smelled like a squeaky clean sink. My black dishtowels and black oven mitt are now bleach-spotted in shades of rust, but that’s all right! It’ll give my kitchen character.

The conclusion of this post, of course, is that you should duct tape and ziplock everything that can possibly break open, even if it appears to be sealed. Luckily, I only had to deal with one minor shipping dilemma!


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