A Bush Alaska Halloween

Before moving to rural Alaska, I was really curious about how bush Alaskans honor holidays. Would consumer-based holidays still be celebrated without the convenience of a Target right around the corner? I have an answer for you: yes. Very much so.
I walked into my classroom on Halloween morning with snack already dropped off on my classroom countertop: pumpkin jello jigglies and dried fish! Happy Bush Alaska Halloween!
During math, we used candy corn to practice one-to-one correspondence and counting to ten. My kindergarteners used them to create their first addition problems! Of course, everyone got to eat their manipulatives after the activity.
Carpet time classroom selfie!
After lunch, students came back inside to launch the Halloween party. Everyone colored pumpkin masks and practiced an adorable Halloween chant called The Five Little Pumpkins. This poem worked perfectly for us because we have five students in class! Each kindergartener recited one line of the poem.
After we practiced, we went on a costume parade around the school and said “The Five Little Pumpkins” poem to each class we visited. One teacher gave us candy after we left her room. As you can see below, one of my students couldn’t wait to return to the classroom before chowing down.
After the costume parade, we played Halloween games in class. The first game involved foil-covered chocolate eyeballs. Students wore a blindfold and tried to scoop as many eyeballs as they could into a bowl. The game was hilarious to watch!
Then, we played “Pin the Face on the Pumpkin.” My kindergarteners got a huge kick out of the faces they made!
And finally, what’s Halloween without “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”? We all ate popcorn balls, cookies, cupcakes, and Halloween candy while watching this holiday classic. My students’ favorite part was when Charlie Brown kept getting rocks in his bag.
Halloween was by far one of the most fun school days we’ve had thus far. After school, the kids started trick-or-treating at about 4 p.m. and finished early. High schoolers didn’t finish until after 9 p.m. Everyone walked home with huge bags of candy. However, the great and amazing thing is that my students weren’t hyper at all today! Halloween was a huge hit and a pleasure to experience in Bush Alaska.

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