Yesterday, I looked in my accessories drawer and realized I have no hats. No hats! Since I don’t want to freeze my ears off in Alaska, I hopped on Etsy right away and conducted a search for winter hats.

stumbled upon an adorable shop called Simply Made by Erin. Erin Hansen, a talented crafter from Connecticut, sells crocheted hats, scarves, accessories, and more. Not only do her hats come in dozens of different styles, but buyers are able to customize their hat by specifying their color choice and head size.

I bought a Beanie Hat in black and a Turban Headband in charcoal. Boring colors, I know, but I want them to be neutral because I want to get a brightly-colored winter jacket. Check back throughout this month to see my winter wardrobe come together!

I can’t wait to receive my hat and my headband in the mail in a couple weeks. You will definitely be seeing pictures of me romping around in the snow wearing Erin’s handywork in the next year!

Check out the items on my Amazon Wishlist to see what else I’ll be buying for Alaska.

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