I know some of you have been wondering about my husband, Tyler. Tyler stayed in Korea two weeks longer than I to finish up his contract and then visited friends and family in California and Idaho for a week. We were apart for a total of three weeks, and that’s a long time for us. He finally joined me in Newhalen on Monday, August 19th, and I was so thrilled to finally be with him again! However, he came the afternoon before school started, so I felt like I barely got a chance to spend quality time with him this past week. Luckily, that was remedied last night when Kate and Bill took us out on our first boat ride and fishing trip all together.

Kate and Bill decided to drive us all down the road a bit so that we could take the boat river up towards Nondalton. Not only is the river bordering Newhalen beautiful, but it’s much less subject to winds and whitecaps that frequent Iliamna Lake. The ride was quite smooth and the scenery, of course, was breathtaking. I’ll forever be in awe of the low clouds and the way that they cast shadows on the mountains in Alaska.


We actually weren’t planning on fishing, but Kate and Bill kept two rods and a tackle box of lewers in the boat and suggested that Tyler and I try to catch our first fish. In the summertime, fish are jumping like crazy in the lakes and rivers and it’s almost criminal not to cast off. It was insane… Tyler snagged a fish within ten seconds! I wasn’t too far behind. Before we knew it, we had caught four big and beautiful Grayling.

After we motored upriver to Nondalton and caught our Grayling, we decided to turn around and find a good place along shore to build a fire and cook dinner and dessert. Yes, you guessed the menu: hot dogs and s’mores! And let me tell you, there’s absolutely nothing more delicious than hot dogs and s’mores cooked over an Alaskan fire after spending time on the water.
After our stomachs were full, we ventured inland. The land was pretty swampy, so we had to be careful where we stepped. As we were walking, Bill found a wood frog on the ground. “This is so much more rare than seeing a bear!” he exclaimed. Apparently, because of Alaska’s extreme temperatures, the environment isn’t very accommodating for amphibians.
Last, Tyler and Bill set up some targets and pulled out their guns for some shooting practice. Tyler just purchased a revolver and had never shot it before. He fired it several times and hit the target dead-on. Bill and Kate also practiced shooting with their rifle and handgun. I was a little to chicken to try, but I’ve promised myself that I’ll give it a shot (bad pun) when they bring their 22 handgun next time.
As I guessed, Tyler has already fallen in love with Alaska. It’s too beautiful here for words to describe, as I’ve said before. I know that we’re going to go on many more adventures with Kate and Bill, take many more boat rides, and catch many more fish. This is just the beginning!

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