What an absolute whirlwind this past week and a half has been! In the past 10 days, I have managed to visit my family, friends, shop and pack for Alaska, get to Alaska, ship goods to bush Alaska, complete a staff training, and arrive at my new home: Newhalen, Alaska.

You’re going to have to bear with me because I did a silly thing. When packing my belongings, I thoughtlessly packed all of my electronic cords in one of my boxes that I shipped from Seattle. That means that my camera cord is in transit right now and perhaps won’t be with me for a week or more. I took all of my photos over the past 10 days on my little point-and-shoot, so I can’t share any details about visiting my family or shopping for Alaska just yet! Things will be a little out of order over the next couple of weeks, but everything will be organized under the tabs located at the top of this website. Check back under Packing, Shopping, & Shipping and Food to find those posts later on. After I realized my packing mistake yesterday, I pulled out my Canon and used it today to document my first flight on a bush plane!
I’m usually not afraid of flying, but the tiny planes scared me a little. When it arrived, I admit I started to get a little nervous!
After the plane arrived, we all loaded our gear in the tail section of the plane. Because we filled the entire plane (an 8-seater), we barely could fit all of our luggage. The amazing team of Lake and Peninsula administrators and mentors managed to get everything inside!
We loaded up in the little plane, fastened our over-the-shoulder seat belts, and started towards the runway despite the overcast and windy weather.
When the plane took off, I was excited and anxious. After five minutes in the air, I started to become nauseous. Word of wisdom to those who get motion-sickness: take Dramamine an hour before you board a small plane! I should have anticipated that there would be a lot of turbulence, but I didn’t. There were no scary parts of the plane ride minus a couple of jolts, but the rising and falling of the plane definitely churned my stomach. At least I know for next time!
We made two stops before we arrived in Newhalen. First, we stopped at Kokhanok to drop off Cara, my very helpful roommate who gave me lots of advice over the past two days. After that, we dropped off three new teachers in Nondalton. Finally, we approached Newhalen. I looked out the window to survey some of the most gorgeous mountains I’ve ever seen surrounded by trees, rivers, and Iliamna Lake. I was finally home!
I’m now sitting in my new apartment after an evening of socializing with my principal and his family and touring Newhalen School and the main roads of the village. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my totes and my shipments from Amazon. Hopefully they’ll arrive soon so that I can start living on more than cereal and one towel!
More to come when my camera cord finally arrives!

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