Hallway Bulletin Board

Creating bulletin boards is a huge part of being a kindergarten teacher. As you saw in my first day of school post, bulletin boards pretty much dominate my classroom. They’re time consuming, but they’re so rewarding when they’re finished!

Today’s quick post features the bulletin board I created for our hallway. Students love to see their own faces first thing in the morning when they hang up their backpacks and coats! It’s also been a big hit with parents, teachers, and other kids at school.
The construction of this board is probably pretty easy to figure out. I took pictures of my students’ faces, blew them up on my computer, and printed them out. Next, I cut out individual petals and glued them together to form flowers. Then, I pasted students’ faces in the middle of each flower. I laminated the flowers to give them a more polished look. After I mounted the flowers on the board, I painted on the stems and finally cut and pasted the leaves. After adding the title at the top, ta-da! I had created my beautiful kinder-garden!

Thanks for looking, and to all of those students and teachers starting school this week, best of luck!

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