Today is my last day in Korea. Tomorrow, I fly home to spend time with family and friends for a week before starting this Alaskan adventure. I can’t believe it’s finally here!
The past few days have been consumed with sorting my stuff, deciding what to keep, and packing it all into three bags. As you might have read two entries ago, I’m flying Air Canada and am only allowed one piece of luggage to check in. So silly, right? Since I’m moving practically everything I own, I’m breaking down and paying an extra $100 to check another bag. As I also mentioned before, I’m taking my amazing Rick Steve’s backpack as my carry on and was able to fit loads inside (see the red bag in the picture below). I’m happy to report that I have packed everything successfully!
Here’s the breakdown of what I’m packing in each bag:
Large suitcase… All clothes, toiletries, makeup, hair electronics
Small duffel bag… Books, shoes
Backpack… Computer, iPad, cameras, important documents, diary, chapter book, snacks
Overall, I think I did pretty darn good! I purged two huge bags of clothes I won’t need in Alaska as well as a small bag of books and odds and ends. I also packed a box of clothes and books I want to keep but won’t need next year to go on a “slow boat” back home. My parents will store it in their garage.
Since I’ll be taking another flight from Seattle to Anchorage in a week, I’ll have to readjust a little and have a second moving day. However, tomorrow is the big moving day. Once tomorrow is over, I’ll have accomplished a lot!
Stay tuned this next week to read about my arrival in The States, my visit home, shopping for Alaska goods, and finally, arriving in Alaska!

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