Okay, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve been accumulating items on my Amazon Wishlist for months now. I’m a diehard planner and a lover of online shopping. Guilty as charged!

Amongst the practical things like plates and sheets and bug spray, I’m going to share several items from the list below:

1… I have always been a candle lover. I have also always been an apple pie lover. Therefore, what can be better than an apple pie scented candle? I hope I don’t eat it.

2… Sourdough Alaska was recommended to me by a former bush Alaska teacher. The book discusses the history of Alaskan sourdough and also features many recipes and stories. Since my grandpa practically raised me on sourdough bread, this is one book I’m really excited to read.

3… What’s a cozy home without a quilt? I’ve been wanting to learn how to quilt for some time now, but until then, this Blooming Prairie Patchwork Throw will do. I’m imagining this blanket around my shoulders on a cold, Alaska day as I read a book on my couch and drink hot cocoa. Bliss!

4… It’s crazy how much a couple of pillows can do to add charm to a living room. These brown, zig-zagtoss pillows are cute and simple and will hopefully add the perfect touch!

5… Advice I keep hearing over and over again for future bush Alaska teachers is: bring games! I have several friends in Seattle who have highly recommended Bananagrams. I love word games, so this game looks perfect. Also, I’ll be able to use the letter tiles for reading activities in my class!

I’m allowed to start sending/shipping things to Newhalen starting July 1st. The first of July is in four days. Holy smokes. Let the fun begin!

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