Tyler and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary this past weekend! We stayed at the Paradise Hotel on Haeundae Beach, the most popular spot in Busan. We slept in, sunbathed on the beach, ate chocolate ice cream, and toasted with a delicious bottle of cabernet sauvignon.


We decided to start an anniversary tradition. On our anniversary every year, we’ll write down our five most memorable moments together from the past year in a special little notebook. On our first anniversary, the five things we recorded were:
1… Our honeymoon in Bali
2… Visiting Fukuoka, Japan
3… Fishing on Goeje Island, South Korea
4… Our weekend in Seoul, South Korea
5… Memories made at our favorite makgeolli restaurant in Busan

I love my husband more than words can express and am so excited to embark on this Alaskan adventure with him! I know that we’ll have several things to write about Alaska in our anniversary notebook one year from now.

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