Our New Honda

Well, she has arrived! After several long weeks of waiting, our new Honda Rancher has finally come to us. Tyler got a call yesterday after school and jetted to the airport to pick it up and then (very, very slowly) drive it home. Apparently, there’s a breaking in process with four-wheelers. If you drive it too quickly too soon, you can do a nice job of trashing your engine. Yesterday and today, we’ve been riding only ten minutes at a time and only going 15 mph tops. We also have to let on and off the gas a lot which is jolting to say the least. Nevertheless, we’re thrilled to finally have the machine and can’t wait to take it on the mountains this weekend.

Before Tyler arrived, I was talking to my principal about possibly getting an ATV (same thing as a four-wheeler for those of you who are ignorant nonAlaskans, because I was totally never one of those people… wink!). I told him, “We’re thinking of not getting one yet, we might wait.” He looked at me like I was dumb and asked, “Why would you wait?” I understand his reaction now. In the bush, you pretty much need a vehicle or else you’re stuck. For the past few weeks, we’ve been using the school truck to go to the post office and the store. Since many of the teachers at the school depend on that truck, we always need to check with everyone before we take it out. Also, when using it, we’re usually waiting for others to pick up their mail or shop. It’s not a big deal, but it would get tedious if we depended on that truck all year. I know that having our Honda will be a godsend several months down the road. By the way, I’ll be referring to our ATV as a ‘Honda’ from now on. When you live in the bush, you don’t say ATV and you don’t say four-wheeler. You say Honda.
Anyhow, back to last night. When Tyler finally arrived back at our apartment, he took me for a ride. I’ve only been on a Honda once before, so I must have looked like a kid on Christmas morning. I was laughing and on the verge of throwing my hands up in the air. The locals who saw me probably thought I was insane. I can’t help it! These things are so fun!
Our first ride was wonderful. I can’t wait to have more adventures. Appreciate these photos now, because I’m sure six months the shiny red body will have dulled to a scuffed-up brownish pink. We’re going to have a blast with this thing.
On a final note, we’re still deliberating over a name for our Honda. Embarrassing admission: I love to name things. Anything and everything. I’m also very picky about names. This is why, when my husband proposes a name like Ancalagon (a dragon from The Lord of the Rings), I need a little moral support from my readers. Better suggestions, anyone?

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