This week is all about going through my things and deciding what’s to go and what’s to stay. I’m not a hoarder, but I definitely get attached to items (clothes particularly!) that are of no practical use. However, I’m really forcing myself to get rid of things I don’t use anymore because of my airline’s strict packing rules.

My plan is to spend a week with my family in Seattle before flying to Anchorage on August 7th. I’m flying from Seoul to Seattle on August 31st via Air Canada. I found out a few days ago that this airline only allows one carry-on and one piece of luggage. One piece! Every piece of luggage after that is $100. How do they expect people moving internationally to fit their entire lives into one suitcase? I’m a little bitter. I also realized that this means I need to sell my guitar which I was really looking forward to taking to Alaska. Sigh! Word of wisdom: Check the baggage regulations of your airline before you start to pack!

I’m going to attempt to fit everything into two suitcases and one carry-on. I kind of cheat with my carry-on and use my amazing Rick Steves’ backpack that I purchased years ago for my first trip to Europe. The thing is huge! It has three sections, two huge pockets, and a zipper on the side that allows the backpack to expand. I highly recommend Rick Steves’ Travel Bags!

I’m infamous for always packing too much. I’m really going to try and shed that reputation during this move. I have to make room for the winter-wear I have to buy before going to Anchorage anyhow. Wish me luck!

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