Recent Buys

Living out in The Bush, it’s impossible to get in my car, go to a store, and find exactly what I want. I admit it: I’m a spoiled suburban girl! Before moving to Newhalen, I could run in and out of the grocery store or mall and find whatever my heart desired.

In rural Alaska, you have access to a store (if you’re lucky) that only carries certain products in small quantities. Fresh produce, for example, is hard to come by unless you happen to be at the store when shipments arrive. Tyler and I were at the store last Sunday after a shipment had just come in. We scored a real pumpkin! Real pumpkins are rare commodities around here, even during the Halloween season.

We’ve learned to shop online for things that we want or need well ahead of time. Shipping times can vary from several days to more than a month. Post offices in Anchorage do not give priority to rural villages and oftentimes only fit boxes on Bush planes when it’s convenient. Therefore, Tyler and I have become very savvy shoppers!

I’m going to share some items that I recently purchased online. I’m so excited to receive them! As I’ve said before, every box that we get feels like a Christmas present. It’s so exciting to get any little thing, from chocolate to conditioner!

1… Bob’s Red Mill Bean Soup Seasoning Mix
Tyler and I have to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. Some days, we’re too exhausted to cook complicated meals. I recently discovered this bean soup seasoning mix and have fallen in love! It’s so easy to use and it makes bean soup so much tastier. Just soak some beans, cut up some veggies, throw it in the pot with some water or vegetable stock, and stir in two tablespoons of this magic mix!

2… Teton Sports Sleeping Bag
I shopped around for a sleeping bag for a while before settling on this baby. Tyler and I are planning on doing some camping in very cold weather and therefore wanted a sleeping bag that could sustain freezing temperatures. This sleeping bag is rated -25°F! We’ll see if it lives up to its rating.

3… Orchard Farm Soap
I recently discovered this seller through Mary Jane’s Farm. Kate Jaeckel uses her own farm-grown botanicals to handcraft all of her soaps 100% organically. I recently sent a gift set to my mom and am so excited to try the soap out for myself! Every review left on the seller’s Etsy page raves only satisfaction.

4… Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner
All right, all right, I know that deep conditioners are only supposed to be used once to twice each week. I can’t help it, though! I’m addicted to this stuff! It leaves my hair so smooth and shiny. Lately, I’ve been washing my hair at night, braiding it, and waking up in the morning with it mostly dried. I highly recommend this conditioner to anyone who hasn’t tried it!

5… Chocolate Chip Clif Bars
With all of the traveling, exploring, and camping I have in my future, I thought it essential to stock up on Clif Bars! Clif Bars are so filling, compact, and perfect for stuffing inside of pockets or backpacks. I’ll be traveling a lot in the next couple months due to volleyball coaching and a staff training, so I’ll be happy that I stocked up on these guys.

Three cheers for online shopping!

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