Scenes from a Sunday Run

Earlier today, I took a run down the main road that leads from Newhalen to Iliamna. I brought my camera along to photograph the gorgeous colors that are turning up all over the village. Autumn is in full bloom, and I thought it was necessary to get out and enjoy the splendor before it all gets buried under a blanket of snow!
A little chihuahua mix accompanied me for the first little part of the run. Houses and telephone wires trim the road in Newhalen, but they vanish several hundred yards down the street.
After running for about a mile, a little lab mix joined me. Actually, she’s found me on every single run I’ve taken down the road! It makes me feel better since she alerts me to anything that’s hiding in the bushes.
A little more than a mile away from our apartment is the line that divides Newhalen from Iliamna.
A mile and a half more down the road is the Iliamna post office and health clinic. After passing these two buildings, I made a U-turn and set out for home.
Puppy was still following me!
Back to the sign again! This time around, I left Iliamna and entered Newhalen.
On the return trip, I noticed a fox tail on the side of the road.
After jogging to the top of an incline, I saw the hub of Iliamna in the distance.
Finally, I returned back to the houses and telephone poles of Newhalen.
Overall, the run was a little over 5 miles. I’m so glad that I got to enjoy one of the last days of sunshine before the cold sets in! Alaska, you continue to amaze me with your beauty.

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