Tyler’s Take on Moving to Alaska

As previously mentioned, I am moving to Alaska with my husband, Tyler. I asked Tyler why he, personally, is excited to make the move. You can read his response below.

“I think anyone would agree that Alaska invites an adventurous lifestyle. Alaska is, as far as Western society is concerned, the last frontier. We’re talking Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, countless miles of wilderness, sub-zero temperatures, silence, stars, days of light, days of darkness, Dick Proenneke, Timothy Treadwell, Christopher McCandless. It is the Brazilian rainforest of the Western World. To be in it is to be backwards or forwards in time and into the world untouched by humans.  This is what I find to be the most exciting prospect of going to Alaska– to get away from everything human; to enter the world of unadulterated nature; to live almost apart from modern society.
Now this sentiment is of course the ideal of the Alaskan wilderness, and it would be easy to take this feeling to a dangerous extreme, as McCandless did. But I think the ferocity of nature, its utter indifference, its intensity, and the possible dangers of the Bush’s wilderness merit a considerable degree of respect and consideration. These facts awaken the virile muscles in my chest. It’s a sort of challenge in a way: can you be out here, relying solely on yourself? What have you got?
Apart from the wilderness of the Bush, I also look forward a great deal to living in Newhalen. The same people who live there today can probably trace their roots back hundreds if not thousands of years to the area. They are the modern descendants of the first peoples who crossed over from Russia and populated North America. Their traditions and way of life have, until probably very recently, undergone very little change. I imagine that such a culture– and one that has lived pressed against the mighty wilderness– will have valuable lessons to bestow of  man’s relation to the natural world, pace of life, and the value of community.
Having never been to Alaska, my excitements and expectations are shrouded in naivety. Yet I don’t feel that they are that far from the truth as well. Surely there will be unforeseen struggles, but I feel no trepidation for my upcoming life in Alaska.”

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