Up the Mountain

Yesterday, Tyler and I took our first Honda ride up Roadhouse Mountain. Once again, I find myself at a loss for words. This country is so vast, so great, and so breathtaking, that only surveying its splendor with your own eyes could ever do it justice. Needless to say, our first trip up the mountain was spectacular. Kate and Bill led us from their home to the beginning of one of the Roadhouse trails. Before setting off, we stopped to view Bear Creek (as you can see in the first photo). When looking down from where we stood, we could see ruby-red salmon backs sticking out of the water. Although we didn’t see any, bears apparently frequent this creek and scoop salmon out of the water by the dozens.

After a quick stop and a quick picture featuring the strapping Mr. Tyler Britton (catch the pose), we rode.
We followed in the tracks of Kate and Bill who blazed the trail ahead. Remington, their dog, happily ran behind the whole way!
The entire ride was a blast form start to finish. We also agreed that it was the most scenic tour we’d ever taken in our lives. Being the nerds that we are, we found ourselves humming the theme to The Lord of the Rings several times. Being hundreds of miles away from civilization surrounded by mountains, trees, streams, and ponds, really makes you feel like you’re in a different world.
One note of caution for those who have never been on a Honda ride: bundle up! Even if the day is sunny and the temperature is warm, those temperatures will change quickly after riding on a Honda for ten minutes. Because you’re riding fast against the wind, Honda rides are very cold. By the end of the trip, Tyler and I were both shivering. I had four layers on including a warm coat, but that was no match for the wind! When I got home, I ran straight inside for a hot shower.

Luckily, we had moose (kindly provided by Bill) waiting for dinner. After we had defrosted and gotten into our most cozy pairs of pajamas, we fried up some onions and potatoes and steamed some cabbage to go with our oven-cooked moose.
And thus another beautiful and productive day in Bush Alaska passes us by. We can’t wait to take our Honda on more adventures before the winter weather settles in for good!

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